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Internet store

The seller is Rainbow Stars d.o.o. (detailed information here), and the buyer is a visitor to this site, an adult and business capable person, who fills out an electronic order, sends it to the seller and makes payment by credit card, debit card, general payment slip/ bank transfer / e-banking or cash on delivery.

The buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data entered at the time of purchase.

By ordering items, the customer accepts the terms of business listed on this site.

Please submit your possible disagreement with the terms, either in whole or in part, in writing before your first order to e-mail: or to the seller’s address (detailed information here).

The buyer has the right to terminate the contract in accordance with Article 72 of the Consumer Protection Act (OG 41/2014). The right is exercised within the time limit and in the manner prescribed by law. If you want to unilaterally terminate the contract or advertise the delivered product, please find out more about the procedure.

Rainbow Stars d.o.o. may reject the order i.e. not deliver the goods if it finds that the Rainbow Stars website has been misused or determines that the information on the order is incomplete or inaccurate.

The Rainbow Stars Website may be used and all content reviewed for your private use at no charge for use, and in accordance with the Terms of Use.

Services provided by Rainbow Stars d.o.o. through the Internet store do not include the costs you incur using computer equipment and services to access our site. Rainbow Stars is not responsible for the costs of telephone, data traffic or any other costs that may occur when ordering or browsing / searching the website.

Rainbow Stars d.o.o. reserves the right to change these terms. All changes will be posted on this website.

Intellectual property

The content of this website is protected by copyright that belongs to Rainbow Stars or is provided by Rainbow Stars and is owned by third parties. Rainbow Stars also owns the copyright to edit, select and customize the content of this site. Furthermore, this site contains trademarks, individual names, and other intellectual property owned by Rainbow Stars. You may not consider any content on this site to be used without restriction. Reproduction of the content of this website is not allowed.

Pictures and video

All photographs, images, videos, biographical data of persons and other materials appearing on this website are the exclusive property of Rainbow Stars. All materials on the website are copyrighted by Rainbow Stars. All rights are reserved. Permission is granted to entities to use these materials exclusively for promotional, editorial and informational purposes of publication in newspapers, magazines and electronic media. Other use of materials from the Rainbow Stars website is not permitted. Also, the use of any material from this website in connection with the sale or offering for sale of products or services of any kind is not permitted. The defined permission and manner of use of this website may not be transferred, subcontracted or assigned and any intended and attempted transfer, subcontracting or assignment will be considered null and void. By using materials from the website, media users undertake to fully comply with the established restrictions, conditions and requirements.

Rainbow Stars will make reasonable efforts to publish accurate and up-to-date information on its website but does not assume responsibility for its accuracy and completeness, nor does it give the right to object in this regard.

Rainbow Stars does not warrant that this website will always be available and available, and that it will not contain errors or viruses. Each user expressly accepts the use of this website at their own risk.

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Media entities and other users who use this website expressly agree to indemnify Rainbow Stars for any and all claims, costs, damages or liabilities arising from the negligent use of material from the website by the same user, including any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage.

Protection of personal data

Rainbow Stars d.o.o. is aware of the fact that many consumers and other users who visit our website are concerned about the information they have submitted online and wonder how it is stored and used.

Learn more about the policy of protection and confidentiality of personal data on our website, and the security of credit card payments here.


  • The minimum order amount is € 10.00.
  • Secure online payment by credit and debit cards, e-banking, and during delivery to your home address.
  • Delivery to your address throughout Croatia: in continental Croatia within 3-5 working days.
  • The basic price of delivery is € 10.00.


You may or may not need to complete the registration process to use the Rainbow Stars Store. Registration allows the customer to save the started orders and a subsequent review of the sent orders.


We enable you to buy most products through the Internet store. Exceptionally, some products cannot be purchased online due to their size, fragility or similar, and these items contain information that purchase is only possible in Rainbow Stars stores. For products that contain the addition of “various colors”, “various shapes”, “various characters”, “various flavors”, “various sizes”, etc., it is not possible to order a specific feature (e.g. a specific color or shape of the product), and the image illustrating such a product is only for information.

The purchase of the offered products can be realized in a quantity that is appropriate for regular family use, i.e. the needs of the end customer, within the available stocks of products.

The minimum order amount is € 10.00 (not including shipping costs).

Upon completion of the purchase process, you will receive an order confirmation to the e-mail address you provided on the purchase form. In the event that we are exceptionally unable to deliver any of the ordered products for any reason, our operator will contact you by phone or e-mail to arrange the delivery of a replacement product or possible cancellation of the ordered product.

All prices in the Rainbow Stars store are expressed in Euro (€) with included VAT.

In case of any problems and ambiguities during the ordering process, feel free to contact our operator by e-mail: or by phone 0993296320, Monday – Friday 8.00 – 16.00.

Rainbow Stars d. o. o. may reject the order or not deliver the goods if it finds that the Rainbow Stars website has been misused or finds that the information on the order is incomplete i.e. inaccurate.


With the selected home delivery service, the ordered products are paid:

  • Via the Internet: Mastercard, Visa, PBZ Card Premium Visa and Diners Club credit cards as well as Maestro, Visa and Mastercard debit cards, one-time payment. Installment payment is possible with PBZ Card Premium Visa card, up to 3 installments for the purchase amount over € 10.00.
  • By e-banking, whereby such paid orders will be delivered when the payment becomes visible on the bank statement of the company Rainbow Stars d. o. o.


With selected home delivery service

The ordered goods are delivered throughout Croatia by our partners Intereuropa and GLS, directly to your home, i.e. to the address you specify in the order. Delivery in continental Croatia is within 3 to 5 working days, from Monday to Friday.

If the ordering party (recipient) is not at home during the delivery, the courier will leave a “notice of arrival of the shipment” at the specified address of the ordering party, which will have the telephone number for agreement on the date of repeated delivery within 8 days. After that deadline, the shipment is returned to the sender.

If the buyer does not receive the goods or the delivery notice within the expected time, the buyer should immediately notify the seller in order to take action to find the shipment or to send a replacement shipment.

The basic price of each delivery is 10 €. For a smaller number of products, where this is specifically indicated at the time of purchase, the basic price is increased by the additional cost of delivery.

If the buyer refuses to receive the goods he has ordered from the seller, even though the goods have arrived in good condition, the seller has the right to demand from the buyer reimbursement of all costs related to delivery.

Correctness of shipment, complaint, return and replacement of goods

The seller undertakes to deliver a product that is technically correct, has a correct shelf life, is packed in the original packaging and corresponds to the type and description of the product stated on

The image illustrating the product on the website does not have to correspond to the actual appearance of the product, especially for products whose name on the website states “various colors”, “various flavors”, “various sizes”, “various shapes”, etc., and the customer cannot return such products on this basis. We reserve the right to errors of description, photos, prices and number of items due to automatic entry of items into the system, as well as automatic order confirmation. In the event of an error, the statement of our operator is applicable.

Ordered products are packaged in such a way that they are not damaged during normal handling.

During delivery, please check the delivered goods and report about any damage to the person who delivered the goods. If external damage is visible on the delivered goods, the buyer has the right to refuse to take over the ordered goods. Please compare the delivered products (type and quantity of delivered products) with the invoice and if something is missing or the wrong product is delivered, inform the person who delivered it on the spot. The recipient and the deliverer on the spot will make a report and confirm the defects with their signatures. Please note that checking the correctness of the shipment is the responsibility of the buyer and that we are not obliged to consider subsequent complaints in terms of quantity and type of delivered goods and visible defects.

Rainbow Stars d.o.o. will, as soon as possible, with the first possible delivery, deliver at its own expense items that are found to be missing in the shipment in the above manner or have been delivered in a defective condition, or will grant the buyer a refund, according to the buyer’s choice.

The buyer has the right to return the goods in case the product has a material or qualitative defect that could not be noticed during the handover of the goods. In that case, please report such a product to us in order to arrange a return and replacement of such product or a refund.

If you received a product that you did not order or you received a product with a defect or have any complaint, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, please notify us by e-mail:

After the customer reports the defects of the product, Rainbow Stars will ensure the collection of the goods as soon as possible, through the delivery company of the authorized companies HR Pošta or GLS. Shipping costs for such a refund will be fully borne by Rainbow Stars, after which they will send the customer a replacement product with the first possible delivery or grant a refund, according to the customer’s choice, free of charge.

If the buyer wants to replace a correct and unused product that does not suit him (e.g. due to size, etc.), such a product can be returned to the seller within 14 days of receipt of the product in possession. If you wish to return or replace a correct product, please notify us via the e-mail address: to arrange a return and replacement of such product or refund. Upon receipt of the correct product in the original packaging, Rainbow Stars will send a replacement item of the customer’s choice with the first possible delivery.

The costs of one return and shipping of replacement products are borne by Rainbow Stars d. o. o. and the direct costs of any subsequent returns are borne by the customer. The buyer may be charged for any difference in the price of a replacement item, depending on the specific situation.

Procedure in case of unilateral termination of the contract

You can cancel your order, in accordance with Article 72 of the Consumer Protection Act (OG 41/2014), without compensation and without giving a reason within 14 days of receiving the product in possession. In that case, we will take the product back (in accordance with the provisions of Articles 74-77 of the Consumer Protection Act) or replace it. We will pick up the goods ourselves through the delivery of the authorized companies HR Pošta or GLS. The costs of one return and shipping of replacement products are borne by Rainbow Stars d. o. o. and the direct costs of any subsequent returns are borne by the customer.

If you want to unilaterally terminate the contract and return one or more products, please contact us at the e-mail address: or fill out and send a Statement on unilateral termination of the Contract in electronic form (click on the link to download the form) where we will send you a confirmation of receipt of the notice of unilateral termination of the contract, without delay, by e-mail. Our operators will contact you as soon as possible if you have chosen the option of replacing goods for other items or if you only want to partially cancel your order.

If you unilaterally terminate this Contract, we will refund the money we received from you, including delivery costs, without delay, and no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of your decision to unilaterally terminate the contract with prior takeover of the returned goods. The refund will be made in the same way as you made the payment. In the event that you agree to another method of refund of the amount paid, you will not incur any costs in relation to the refund.

Please note the possibility of liability for impaired value of goods resulting from the handling of goods, other than that which was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

We would like to emphasize that by visiting our website, all your personal data remains confidential, unless you voluntarily wish to disclose it.

  • We collect only those personal data that you provide to us voluntarily and only for the purposes specified in these personal data protection rules. We do not require you to send us this information in order to give you access to our site and we do not ask you to disclose more information than is really necessary to participate in any activity on our site.
  • When collecting personal data, we undertake to comply with the provisions of positive regulations related to the protection of personal data.
  • Please read all information below and if you have any questions or concerns regarding our personal data protection rules or would like to share your experiences with us on this website, please contact us at e-mail
  • If you are a minor, do not send us your personal data!
  1. In general

When you use the website (“website”) which also includes an online store, Rainbow Stars d.o.o. (“Rainbow Stars” or “Controller”) as the data controller processes your personal data in accordance with the relevant personal data protection regulations.

These Personal data protection rules (“Rules“) describe what types of data are processed and for what purposes, and your rights related to such processing. Please read these Rules carefully before continuing to use the website. If you do not agree with their terms, please do not use the website.

  1. Personal data that we process

Personal data” means all data relating to an individual whose identity has been established or can be established (“data subject“).

We collect personal data in accordance with applicable regulations so that we can, for example, send you changes and news by e-mail, include you in the prize draw and inform the winner, send publications, brochures and other promotional material or answer your questions, remarks and comments.

We process your personal data only on the basis of your consent, the law or for the legitimate interest of the Controller, such as when we process your data for direct marketing purposes to advertise our products or services (“commercial communication“), electronically or by other forms of communication. In certain cases, the collection of your personal data will be necessary for the execution of the contract between you and Rainbow Stars, for example when purchasing a product in our online store, so that we can deliver the product to the requested delivery address and similar.

We process the following categories of personal data:

  1. Contact and identification information required to open a user account on the website and/or for membership in Rainbow Stars loyalty programs, such as the “Rainbow Stars Club”
  2. Contact and identification data required for ordering products in the online store i.e. their delivery to the requested address;
  3. Data on purchases through the online store, e.g. purchased products, invoice amount, selected payment method, frequency of purchase;
  4. Data from the user’s correspondence with the Controller (including their content);
  5. Data on user interaction with the website that are collected using cookies. For details on cookie technology and their use on this website, see Chapter 8 of these Rules (Cookies rules).

Through this website we can offer you the opportunity to communicate and link to the content of social networks (e.g. Facebook). If you choose to use your social network profile, please note that depending on your social network profile settings, the social network may share some information about your profile with us.

We do not collect or use the personal data of minors (within reasonable limits if it is possible for us to know the age of the user), except with the express consent of a parent or guardian. If you are a minor, please do not send us your personal data (name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail or other information that could help identify you), as we will have to refuse to process such communication. If, nevertheless, contact is established at the request of a minor, in the event of the transfer of personal data by a minor, Rainbow Stars expressly refuses to accept any requests of a material or immaterial nature arising from the processing of such contact intention.

The personal data processed by the PNI are stored in Croatia and/or another Member State of the European Economic Area (“EEA”). In certain cases, PNI transfers personal data to service providers or other persons who process such personal data in third countries. For example, PNI transmits certain personal data (e.g. telephone number or other contact information) to marketing communication service providers who process this data in third countries outside the EEA, such as Switzerland. In that case, the transfer of data to a third country is permitted on the basis of a decision on the adequacy of the European Commission determining how the relevant third country ensures an adequate level of protection of personal data, in accordance with Article 45 of the General Regulation. Decisions on the adequacy of the European Commission are available at the following link: In all other cases of data transfers to third countries for which the European Commission has not taken a decision on adequacy, the PNI shall transfer data only on the basis of appropriate safeguards in accordance with Article 46 of the General Regulation, including standard data protection clauses issued by the European Commission, i.e. in accordance with the derogation rules for special situations in accordance with Article 49 of the General Regulation. Copies of the standard data protection clauses can be accessed via the following link:

  1. Purpose of personal data processing

Rainbow Stars processes personal data for the following purposes:

3.1. Opening user profiles on the website and/or membership profiles in Rainbow Stars loyalty programs;

3.2. Processing orders through the online store and delivery of ordered products to the address specified by the user;

3.3. Providing various benefits to members of the Rainbow Stars loyalty program (e.g. Rainbow Stars Club);

3.4. Transfer of commercial communications by e-mail, mobile telephony or traditional mail i.e. courier delivery (within the limits of your consent);

3.5. Participation in surveys, questionnaires and contests organized by Rainbow Stars. For details on this type of processing, see section 7 of these Rules (surveys, questionnaires and promotions);

3.6. Providing answers to questions you ask us or to your advice, comments, objections, etc.

3.7. Production of various reports/statistics on how to use the website and the services it offers, including how contracts with Rainbow Stars have been executed;

3.8. Resolving any disputes or complaints related to or arising from Rainbow Stars activities.

  1. Communicating data to third parties

We do not sell, transfer or disclose the data we collect on our websites to anyone outside Rainbow Stars without your consent, except (1) in cases prescribed by law and when necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, (2) in cases where this is necessary to protect your life or physical integrity, and you are unable to give your consent to the processing of your personal data, (3) in cases where it is necessary to fulfill tasks performed in the public interest, (4) in cases where you we have published this information yourselves and (5) in cases where it is necessary to protect our legitimate interests. We will only store your personal data for the time necessary to achieve the aforementioned purposes of processing. For example, we will store data that we process based on your consent at the latest until your consent is withdrawn. We process data whose processing is necessary for the execution of the contract (e.g. when buying our products) or for taking action at your request before concluding the contract until the expiration of 5 years after the fulfillment or termination of the contract, or taking the relevant action. We will process personal data that we are obliged to keep in order to comply with our legal obligations until the expiry of the data retention periods determined by the relevant regulations.

Rainbow Stars may disclose some or all of your personal data to the following recipients, in the manner as follows:

  1. Persons authorized to process personal data on behalf and for the account of Rainbow Stars, i.e. associates or suppliers necessary for the provision and maintenance of services provided through this website (e.g. providers of website design and maintenance services, providers of delivery of ordered products or promotional materials, suppliers in the preparation of marketing campaigns, etc., associates or service providers who can best answer your questions, etc.).
  2. To the legal successor or successors, in case of status changes due to division, merger, restructuring or other transfer of control in the company.
  3. To other recipients to whom Rainbow Stars is authorized or obliged to disclose the personal data of individuals pursuant to applicable regulations.
  4. Credit card payment security

Rainbow Stars undertakes to apply maximum security standards in order to protect the interests of customers and prevent possible misuse of information. Products / services available in the online store are sold through the online card payment solution Moja-Trgovina.Net PayMaster offered by Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. and Sistrum d.o.o.

Credit and/or debit card payment transactions are performed using the secure 3D-Secure authentication protocol with 256-bit SSL encryption, which is considered a secure way to perform money transactions. This method enables secure transfer of information and prevents unauthorized access to data during communication between the Customer’s computer and Moja-Trgovina.Net PayMaster service (online payment system operator) and vice versa.

This service and financial institutions (card companies) exchange data using a virtual private network (VPN), which is protected from unauthorized access. Credit card numbers are not stored and are not available to Pet Network International.

Pet Network International d.o.o. cannot be held responsible for abuses that cannot be determined to have occurred as a result of a technical-security failure of the web store system or the failure of the employees of Pet Network International d.o.o.

  1. E-mail messages

When you send us an e-mail (via e-mail with a question, comment, complaint, advice, etc., or via the contact form on the website) with personally identifiable data, we will use this data to fulfill your demands. We may send your e-mail as well as the message/request you send us to other associates or suppliers who will be able to best answer your question.

All Rainbow Stars employees and business partners are responsible for complying with the Personal data protection rules.

  1. Surveys, questionnaires and competitions

We occasionally conduct surveys and questionnaires on our website. The data collected in that way are used exclusively for the purposes of Rainbow Stars. If we publish the results of surveys on our website or related social networks, they will be exclusively collective and will not contain any personal data.

Our sites often contain notifications of the various sweepstakes we organize or notices of vacancies in Rainbow Stars (“contests”). For those contests for which we provide electronic access, unless expressly stated otherwise in the rules of the contest, we will use your personal data only for the purpose of the contest (e.g. to contact the winner of the prize game and fulfill our legal obligations related to the contest, or due to the selection procedure in the job vacancy). We do not share this information with anyone outside Rainbow Stars except with service providers who assist us in organizing contests and who have a legal obligation to keep all available data confidential or with public authorities for the purpose of meeting legal obligations. We may also disclose certain personal data (e.g. name, surname and value of the prize) in order to meet legal obligations or to ensure the transparency of our competitions.

Rainbow Stars d.o.o. cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of information from this site for purposes beyond their intended purpose.

  1. Cookies rules

The Rainbow Stars website uses the so-called cookies.

Cookies are small text files generated by a web server and stored on a user’s device via a web browser, in order to provide the user with the highest quality service and content. They store certain information (e.g., desired language or website settings, account registration status, etc.) that your browser can reproduce when you return to the website (depending on the duration of the cookie).

We use the following categories of cookies:

  1. Cookies necessary for the functionality of the website

Certain cookies are necessary in order for the use of this website and its basic services and features to be possible. Without these cookies, for example, you will not be able to access certain secure areas or track your shopping cart online. These cookies cannot be disabled.

We use the following necessary cookies:


Application session cookie


The purpose is to identify the unregistered user (so that the user does not have to re-enter the email address, address, etc.).


The purpose is to identify the registered and logged in user.


A cookie that confirms acceptance of a cookie


The purpose is to store the user’s preferences on disabling optional cookies.


The purpose is to identify network attacks and parasitic users and prevent attacks. Does not use user personal data.


The cookie for unregistered users, saves the user’s preferences on whether the web should remember and pre-fill the user’s information in the order execution forms.

  1. Optional cookies

The information from these cookies helps us understand how our users use the website, with the purpose of improving the quality of content towards users and the browsing experience. Optional cookies include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics cookies (which track traffic and analyze website performance, which are available to Rainbow Stars as statistics, without personal data of individual users) and social network cookies (e.g. Facebook) that allow a user to share content via your own social media account.

We use the following optional cookies:







Storing and tracking website visits

Marketing / Tracking



Google Analytics

Counting website reviews and tracking them

Statistics (anonymous)



Google Tag Manager  

Save and track conversions

Marketing / Tracking



Google Analytics

Counting website reviews and tracking them

Statistics (anonymous)



Google Analytics

Storing the number of service requests





Enable ad serving or targeted advertising, store preferences

Marketing / Tracking




Enable ad serving or targeted advertising, fraud prevention

Marketing / Tracking




Fraud prevention



When you access the website for the first time, a sign will appear warning of the existence of cookies and requesting your consent to accept them. You can accept the use of cookies by giving your consent by clicking the “OK” button in the notification of the use of cookies on the website. Personal data will not be collected before you give consent to the processing of the data in the manner indicated.

To the extent that cookies are used based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw the previously given consent to use cookies on this website at any time, at the link Cookie management.

The user of the website can always independently regulate (restrict or disable) the receipt of cookies through the settings of his web browser. Please note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality and your interaction with the website, and we exclude any liability for any loss of functionality and/or quality of the website content in all cases of the user’s choice to accept cookies.

For more information on configuring browser settings for cookies, see the following links:

  • Learn more about private browsing and cookie settings in Firefox here
  • Read about incognito mode and cookie settings in Google Chrome here
  • Read the “InPrivate” mode and cookie settings in Internet Explorer here
  • for more information on “Private Navigation” mode and cookie settings in Safari click here

By using this website, users will be deemed to be aware of and agree to the terms of use at all times, including the provisions on the processing and protection of personal data and the possibilities related to cookies.

  1. Rights of the data subject

Giving consent to the processing of personal data is not obligatory but refusing to give consent to the processing of data as indicated above, may prevent the user from using all or some of the content offered by the website, or prevent obtaining information about products / services offered by Rainbow Stars (Rainbow Stars).

By sending personal data to Rainbow Stars, the respondent does not waive the rights guaranteed by the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia which protect personal data, and especially the right to request rectification or erasure of personal data from the collection if they are incomplete, inaccurate or out of date. or if their processing is not in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

As a respondent you have a number of rights, including:

  1. a) Right of access: users whose data are processed have the right to receive a certificate as well as access to personal data relating to them and information on the purpose of processing, categories of personal data, recipients of data, the period for which the data will be stored and other rights.  
  2. b) right to rectification:users have the right to request the rectification of incorrect personal data or the addition of incomplete data.

Registered users have access to their data at any time and can edit/modify it directly through their account.

  1. c) Right to erasure: in certain circumstances, users have the right to erase personal data relating to them.

Registered users can erase their account at any time.

  1. d) right to withdraw consent: Users have the right to withdraw the previously given consent for the processing of personal data at any time.

If you only want to change the consent settings for commercial communication, you can edit it at any time within your user profile.

  1. e) Also, in certain circumstances, users have the right to object to the processing, to restrict the processing and to the portability of personal data.

For all issues of personal data protection, as well as for the exercise of the above rights, please contact the contact address specified in Article 10 of these Rules

  1. f) The right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority: if you believe that your rights have been violated, you have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Agency (AZOP).

Depending on the user’s request/data subject, Pet Network International undertakes to:

  1. Confirm to the user whether or not he is processing personal data relating to that user/data subject
  2. Rectify or erase, free of charge and without delay, personal data relating to the user/data subject
  3. Restrict or stop processing of the users/data subject personal data
  4. Contact

For all questions related to the protection of your personal data, as well as to exercise the aforementioned rights and requests, you can contact the data protection officer of Rainbow Stars d.o.o. by sending an e-mail to or by mail to the address of our headquarters: Rainbow Stars d.o.o. Jordanovac 60, 10,000 Zagreb. Rainbow Stars does not respond to anonymous requests.

The Rainbow Stars website, together with its digital partners, uses the so-called Cookies, through which data on the interaction of users with the website are collected, in order to provide the highest quality services and content. Some are necessary to open and use the site, and some are optional.

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