Dispensers & Compostable bags.

For our planet and our furry best friends!

Cute like your pet

Sustainable for planet

Made out of recycled materials

Little bit about us

We believe that the times have dramatically changed over the past couple of years, don’t you? Yet, some things never change. Having a positive outlook on the world, caring about the environment, trying to be the best you can, and loving one another, these are all things that will stay universally true.

That’s why we started this company; we want to be the change that we wish to see in the world. We are proud of our products and the people who make them. Our products are user-centric, environment-friendly, and of high quality. We want to make you, the customer, proud. If we can make you feel good, inspire you, and help you take care of your 4 legged friends, then our mission is done.

You may be thinking about what this cool Frenchie has to do with serious business. Well, so did we, but our marketing department thought otherwise, so here we are.

But jokes aside, we really do take our business seriously. So much so we decided our lives to making our planet cleaner, more sustainable, and more pet-friendly for generations to come.

Help us save the planet poop by poop!

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