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Why picking up poop

is important

Human diseases from dog poop are not the only reason dog waste is harmful. Feces in the water supply contributes nutrients that lead to the overgrowth of harmful algae and weeds, killing fish and other wildlife.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency lists dog poop as number three on its list of non-point sources of environmental contamination, meaning it comes from more than one source, millions of dogs.

Compostable bags & Dispensers

in our Rainbow Stars Pet Shop

Our solution?

Make a product that will be liked by all age groups and will make the customer feel special. 

Our dispensers truly are one of a kind.
From a wide variety of designs to ease of use and durability, we really put on line everything to deliver you something special.

We didn’t settle for good; we went for something amazing, and we think it shows.

Rushing towards a

Circular Economy with Rainbow Stars Pet shop!

We all need to work together in order to reach a circular economy!

Our products are user-centric, environment-friendly, and of high quality. We want to make you, the customer, proud. If we can make you feel good, inspire you, and help you take care of your 4 legged friends, then our mission is done.

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